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5 Sweet Gifts to Get Your Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Do you know what you’re getting Dad this year? If your dad is anything like ours, he’s got a tooth as sweet as his heart. Here are five gift ideas sure to let Pops know he’s number one.

Ice Cream Cufflinks

These ice cream cufflinks are for the professional dad who want to show off his sweet tooth in a stylish way. These subtle, yet fun cufflinks will pair well with any of Dad’s favorite button-up shirts. And the wooden finish complements a variety of colors.

Ice Cream Cufflinks

Ice Cream Bow Tie

The ice cream bow tie is not for the average dad. Hipster dads, ice cream aficionados, bow tie collectors and dads with two scoops of humor will all enjoy this gift! This gift is at the top of the list for our dad! How about yours?

Ice Cream Bow Tie

Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

Does your dad get cranky if someone steals a spoon of his ice cream “by accident.” Now, Dad can claim the ice cream that is rightfully his. With this personalized ice cream bowl, Dad can enjoy a very large bowl of ice cream with his name on it.

Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

Ice Cream Subscription

Is the family freezer filled with ice cream pints because Dad just had to try the latest flavor? Has your dad got an adventurous streak as well as a sweet tooth? Then satisfy both with an ice cream subscription. Your dad can have all the ice cream his heart desires with this monthly subscription. Delivered directly to his door every month, it will feel like he is being blessed by the ice cream fairies.

Monthly Ice Cream Subscription

And if you still wait till the absolute last minute to get a Father’s Day Gift…

Take him on a trip to get a delicious scoop of ice cream. Or, better yet, make his favorite flavor at home (especially if he likes it a little boozy). It’ll be pretty easy to make it at home if you have an SX1000 😉.

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