The 5 Best Alcoholic Ice Cream Toppings

The 5 Best Alcoholic Ice Cream Toppings

There are many ways to dress up your ice cream — with candy, chocolate, caramel, the possibilities are endless. But, we want to talk about a special kind of topping. One that is usually reserved for a more mature and wiser crowd: liqueurs.

No, We Didn’t Mean Liquor.

Liqueurs are not to be confused with its very similarly spelled and pronounced relative liquor.

(We're not suggesting you dump bourbon onto your ice cream, but we're not not suggesting that either.)

A liqueur is liquor with sugars and flavors added. Think of it as the upgraded version of liquor, with all the good stuff you want in a dessert.

Liqueurs also have a much lower alcohol content compared to liquor thanks to all the sweet and yummy stuff added back into it. Which makes it the perfect alcoholic ice cream topping. Now that you have a better idea of what liqueur is, you will feel like a pro as you pick out one of these liqueurs to top your next dish, bowl or cone of ice cream.

Campari Liqueur

Campari is a bright red liqueur that will instantly give your ice cream a pop of color. This is not an overly sweet flavor, it’s more on the bitter side. If you are not a major fan of sweets, this liqueur will tone down the sweetness of the ice cream. Pairs well with vanilla ice cream topped with a lemon zest. (Just trust us!)

Amaretto Liqueur

Amaretto liqueur will add a nutty flavor without the added crunch. Some people don’t want to sacrifice the creamy texture of their ice cream, but know the ice cream needs an added boost in flavor.

Limoncello Liqueur

A lemony and tart flavor. Limoncello liqueur brings the sour flavor you don’t find in most ice cream flavors. Try this liqueur with your next scoop of sherbert or sorbet. You should use sparingly — this liqueur packs a lot of punch. It's not for those who hate sour flavors!

Coffee Liqueur

This liqueur is better than your morning pick-me-up. You can use this liqueur to enhance your coffee ice creams flavor, and it also pairs well with other flavors. We like our coffee liqueur with almond ice cream or milk chocolate ice cream. Perfect.

Blackberry Liqueur

This list would not be complete without a fruity liqueur. You can choose any berry that’s your favorite (trust us, there is a liqueur for every berry), but we like blackberry the most. Strawberries and raspberries get all the shine in desserts, now it’s blackberry's time to shine. It is the perfect complement to a variety of flavors. Don’t be afraid to add fresh berries to the mixture as well!

What's your favorite alcoholic ice cream topping?

Of course, your choice of liqueur will depend on the flavor of ice cream you are indulging in. Your taste buds will thank you. The next time you want to give your ice cream a boost and make it a more grown-up dessert, add a drizzle of liqueur.