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How to Clean a Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

You’ve made all the soft serve ice cream your sweet tooth could handle. Now that you’re done packing up the leftovers to store in the freezer, you can just lay on the couch and relax….right? Wrong. Once you’re done making a delicious soft serve ice cream creation, don’t forget this crucial step: cleaning your ice cream maker.

Before we get into the how, let’s review why you should clean your machine:

  • Stops bacteria from calling your ice cream machine home (Eew.)
  • Prevents flavors mixing and not tasting as good as they can (Blah.)
  • Keeps your machine running at peak performance (Yay!)

Here are the key steps to make sure your soft serve ice cream maker is clean after each use.

1 - Empty

Start the cleaning process by completely emptying your ice cream machine. Clean out any leftover ice cream in the machine or blades.

2 - Flush

Run water through your machine. Water should be able to get through the machine without any blockage. If there is blockage anywhere, you will have to go back to step one. If the machine is empty, water will run clear from the ice cream maker.

3 - Disassemble

This step may seem tedious, but it is important to make sure your ice cream maker is as clean as possible. Detach any moving and non-moving parts that may come in contact with ingredients during the ice cream making process. Reference your owner’s manual if you are unsure which parts are removable (every machine is different!).

4 - Soak and Scrub

The easiest way to clean the intricate parts of your soft serve ice cream maker is by soaking the parts in warm, soapy water. Use a sponge or gentle brush to remove any debris or food thoroughly. Then, rinse the parts with cool water and dry.

5 - Reassemble

Once the parts have dried completely, you are cleared to put the machine back together. If you have trouble reassembling the machine, reference your owner’s manual as a helpful guide. After reassembly, your machine is ready to go for future use!

The best part is, you will have peace of mind knowing your soft serve ice cream machine is squeaky clean and ready for use.

If you are still getting used to your ice cream maker, reference your machine’s instruction manual for specific cleaning instructions. The SX1000 comes equipped with cleaning instructions to help keep the SX1000 running at its full potential.