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Fall Worthy Frozen Treats

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing and you want to curl up in a blanket with a frozen treat.  

(Is it just us?)

Don’t let cooler weather steer you away from enjoying a nice cold treat every now and then. These frozen treats were created with the fall in mind!

Pumpkin Ice Cream

You may be experiencing Pumpkin Spice overload right now but don’t go on a pumpkin strike till you have had Pumpkin Ice Cream. What better way to enjoy this tasty treat than in a pumpkin bowl! Blogger Morgan Carr, had the right idea when she made this delicious treat.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Chai Soft Serve

Oh Chai! A magical blend of spices that creates a delicious flavor. It warms us up even when it’s not in the form of a hot drink. The next time you are considering cozying up to watch a movie with a cup of spiced chai, make it a frozen spiced chai, instead! It is the same great flavors in a cool and refreshing frozen treat.

chai ice cream

Bourbon Apple Pie  

Who wouldn’t enjoy a slice of apple pie infused with bourbon along with a nice scoop of ice cream. Apple Pie a la Mode style. Apple pie is probably on your Thanksgiving menu this year, but why not make an all-in-one dessert that will have your guests raving about the recipe. This Bourbon Apple Pie Ice Cream will save you coveted oven space this Thanksgiving and have your family craving more!

apple pie ice cream

Influenza RX Sorbet

Fall is also flu season. What better way to tackle a cold than with a frozen treat that will give your immune system a boost. This sorbet is packed with Vitamin C and other cold busters. This just may be the best prescription on the market! No more fussing and fighting with kids for them to take their cold medicine. Just give them a dose of the Influenza RX Sorbet to keep them happy and healthy.

Influenza RX Sorbet

Cranberry Sorbet

Cranberries are in peak season during the fall, so there is no better time to make this delicious treat. When you are making your next batch of cranberry sauce, set some aside to make this tasty Cranberry Sorbet.  

Cranberry Sorbet


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