How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day


The best day of the year is upon us. On July 17th, we celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

national ice cream day

We like to think of the holiday as an excuse to eat as much ice cream as we like and to really go all out on the ice cream theme. Ice cream breakfast? Sure. Ice cream lunch? Why not, that’s what ice cream sandwiches are for. And so on.

Whether or not you’re as dedicated as us to National Ice Cream Day, there’s no excuse not to have a little fun and celebrate. If you’re looking for ways to really make the day special, let’s just say we’re experts at that. Here are our favorite ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

Make Ice Cream at Home

Of course, our go-to favorite thing to do on National Ice Cream Day is make ice cream at home. It’s as rewarding as a home cooked meal, and as delicious as well, ice cream! With the freedom of making your own, you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you want, with whatever flavor, and any additions you can think of!

If you’re stuck on what to make, take a look at our ice cream recipes for some ideas.

Experiment with Wacky Flavors

There are some truly crazy flavors out there. We’ve heard of everything from lobster to beet and goat cheese ice cream. While you don’t have to go that far, be a little adventurous and sample some flavors you would normally steer clear of.

If you have an ice cream maker at home, get creative. Try different combinations or experiment with different ratios to see what you come up with. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite blend!

Hold An Ice Cream Party

If you do one thing, hold an ice cream party. Even if it’s just a party of one.

Make sure you grab lots of toppings, and if you’re making your own ice cream at home or work, get enough ingredients for a few ice cream flavors.

Have some fun with ice cream games, like an Ice Cream taste test. Get out some blindfolds or close your eyes, and see if you can guess the flavor!

Sample Ice Cream Shops

You won’t be the only one celebrating. Lots of local ice cream shops participate with special deals. Try stopping at a few to sample their specialties! While one shop might have some killer soft serve ice cream, another might be known for delicious waffle cones. Try them all!

Go on an Ice Cream Date

… or stay in and experiment. Whatever you do, ice cream is more fun with two. If you’ve been waiting to ask someone out, National Ice Cream Day can be the perfect excuse to take them on a date. No one can resist Ice Cream!

Get Boozy

If you prefer your ice cream a little more adult, try adding some booze. We like to make Boozy Dole Whip, or add Bailey’s to make a milk shake. We’ve heard of some people making floats with dark beer!

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, remember one thing – get out there and enjoy some ice cream.