How to Throw the Best Ice Cream Party | Kids or Adults

How to Throw an Ice Cream Party

Any party can become an ice cream party by simply buying some tubs of it at the store, but we prefer to devout entire occasions to this magical dessert (or breakfast, we don’t judge).

While your everyday, ordinary ice cream party is pretty easy to put together, by indulging in just a few more ideas you can take it from vanilla to Banana Split.

Carry the theme from the beginning

The invitations should be just as fun as the party itself. Even evites, the invitation du jour, can be sprinkled with GIFs, sparkles, and fun with words. Stay on theme with your invite so guests know what to expect.

It’s all about the toppings

The best part about an ice cream party (in my opinion) is the endless toppings. Unlike at an ice cream shop, you aren’t limited to just a few! Pick up crumbled oreo pieces, lots of chocolate fudge, whipped cream and cherries. Then, try even more. Pretzels, marshmallows, caramel, bananas, and sprinkles. Get creative!

Decorations make it

The other best part of an ice cream party is the decor. Ice cream is fun! And your decorations can be, too. Will you go classic parlor, with a 50s vibe and red and white striped straws? Or more modern? Bright colors, modern bowls, and Pinterest inspired DIY backdrops bring your party to life. There are so many party ideas online, do some searches and see what inspires you!

DIY ice cream

If you’re the type to really commit to a theme, make your own ice cream. We’re partial to our own soft serve ice cream machine, which makes it easy to serve a lot of people quickly. Plus, you can create your own special flavor! If that’s not an option, get your favorite store-bought ice cream and pre-scoop it so your guests can take their own.

Get boozy

If the party will be a bit more “adult” then there’s nothing wrong with adding a special ingredient. Make root beer floats with a dark stout, or pour vodka into your shakes. You can even make shots out of mini ice cream cones with melted ice cream and Baileys!

Do you have any ice cream party tips of your own? Leave a comment below and tell us! And don’t forget to invite us to your next ice cream soiree.