Mami's Foods Vegan Soft Serve Mixes Are Mm-Mm Good!

Mami's Foods Vegan Soft Serve Mixes Are Mm-Mm Good!

Mami's FoodsNot too long ago we were contacted by Mami’s Foods. They had purchased a second SX1000 to send down to their research and development team. Mami's develops vegan, Froconut frozen dessert mixes for batch freezers, custard machines, and of course, soft serve machines!

Obviously, we had to do a little R&D of our own. Within a week we had two non-dairy, vegan ice cream mixes. 😁

Let's mix it up!

The instructions were very simple: Add 1 cup and 3 tablespoons of water or a non-dairy milk, mix well and pour into the machine. Mami’s even provides instructions on customizing the flavor. We decided to make vanilla and chocolate.

Recipe 1: Vanilla

To make vanilla ice cream, we used Unsweetened Vanilla Ripple. Ripple is a “milk” made from peas. It is a lot thicker than traditional milk. We followed the directions on the packet of Mami’s Froconut Mix by adding the recommended amount of milk and vanilla extract to the powered mix, mixed it up using our immersion blender, and poured it into the hopper. We set the ICD to 16 and got our cones ready!

The finished mixture was sweet, super thick and very creamy. There was definitely a coconut flavor, but it paired nicely with the vanilla. Next time we would probably add more than a cup of Ripple — maybe 1-½ to 2 cups — to mellow out the sweetness and thin out the recipe a bit. The ICD can hold up to 3.5 cups of mix per batch and the Mami’s recipe only makes about 2 cups. Most important, the team here LOVED the taste!!

Recipe 2: Chocolate

Next we made a batch of chocolate. We used almond milk instead of ripple for this recipe. We used 1-½ cups of vanilla-flavored almond milk and added in some cocoa powder. This version totally tasted just like an Almond Joy! We were over the moon in love with it!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make vegan or dairy-free soft-serve ice cream, definitely give Mami’s a try!