There's a New Ice Cream Museum and BRB Buying a Plane Ticket

There's a New Ice Cream Museum and BRB Buying a Plane Ticket

Have you heard about this new museum that is giving us life? Yes, there is finally a museum dedicated to the one thing we hold near and dear to our heart: Ice Cream.

The new Museum of Ice Cream is located in sunny Los Angeles, California. There's also a location in New York City, but it is not open year round.

Let’s Take a Trip to the Museum of Ice Cream

If you are anything like us, you will be in heaven if you are surrounded by ice cream and it’s trusted companions. Tickets are $29 for adults, $18 for younger ice cream lovers, and have a history of selling out pretty quickly — they are currently sold out through July!

But don’t worry, more tickets will go on sale so you can experience this ice cream wonderland.


Museum of Ice Cream

So. Much. Ice Cream!  

The Museum of Ice Cream has 12 rooms to pay homage to this delicious dessert. Each room features a unique installation that beautifully highlights ice cream or a related element.

There is so much color and fun and of course, ice cream. We wouldn’t even know where to begin.

They Seriously Have a Sprinkle Pool  

A pool made entirely out of sprinkles! Think of it as a ball pit but is more colorful and more reminiscent of a pool. The sprinkles are antimicrobial, so no germs as you enjoy all the sprinkles!

ice Cream Museum Sprinkle Pool

Ode to Ice Cream Ingredients

We all love ice cream, but how often do we pay our respects to the ingredients that come together to make our favorite treat. This room highlights the elements that create this creamy goodness.

Ice Cream Museum Ingredients

Will you be going??

Sherbet Room

There is even a room for the distant cousin of ice cream, sherbet. Sherbet doesn’t get a lot of love but it holds a place in our hearts too. The bright colors of this room play on the fruity and colorful elements of very popular sherbet flavors.

Museum of Ice Cream Sherbert Room

And, The Best Part

Taste testing. The Museum of Ice Cream wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t able to indulge in the creamy goodness. You can try some as your tour the different rooms or purchase some at the end from the shop.

Museum of Ice Cream

Will you be taking a trip? We sure will! Wonder if we can get them to create a whole room just for Ice Cream Depot…..

Photos Courtesy of Design Milk