Must-have Break Room Gadgets for the Office

Must-have Break Room Gadgets for the Office


A break room should be designed to be just that - a break for the employees! Is your break room a place where people can momentarily escape their work to grab a snack, chat with others, and recharge their batteries? If not, here are some ideas to help ensure yours is living up to its potential. 

ice cream depot at work

Stock Your Breakroom With Food and Drinks

Let’s be realistic, every office has coffee, right? Go a step beyond and impress your employees and office visitors with something more unique. 

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

fun office ice cream machine

Let’s make the workplace fun again. Imagine knowing at the end of the day, or whenever you needed a break, you could escape into the break room and get soft serve ice cream. No waiting. No complicated directions or frustrations. Simply pull the handle and enjoy something sweet. Just be warned - you may experience some unexpected office drop-ins once you introduce this sweet little gadget.

(Ice Cream Depot, $499)


fun office gadget

Want to make your office more casual? Consider a kegerator to improve the workplace morale. With beverages on hand at all times, meetings can become more enjoyable and your work culture can improve through after hour events in the office.

(Dual Tap Kegerator, $779)

Encourage A Healthy Work Culture With Games And Entertainment

Your break room should be more than functional – it should encourage fun and conversation. Games are a great way for employees to get to know each other better and build teamwork.

Ping Pong Table

fun office ping pong

This game is popular among young and old alike. Easy to set up and play, even a newbie can become competitive in just a game or two. Encourage friendly competition and welcome staff kids into the mix by incorporating a ping pong table into your break room atmosphere.

(Ping Pong Table, $699)

Foosball Table

office activities

Not a huge fan of ping pong? Or perhaps your break room lacks the space required for the table and play area. Then a foosball table might be best for your team. Taking up less space while still encouraging play and friendly competition, a quick game of foosball can help break up the work day.

(Foosball Table, $399)

Putting Green

office putting

If space isn’t an issue and you prefer something that is competitive while not creating too much distraction to others working nearby, a putting green may be the way to go. It can be played as much as a competition with others as it can be a mode of relaxation and concentration playing solo.

(Putting Green, $399)

Karaoke Machine

office karaoke

It’s true, many offices deploy a foosball table. Want something more unique? If your team is known for being loud and carefree, consider installing a karaoke machine in your break room. What would be more hilarious than listening to a co-worker belt out a song during his lunch break?

(Karaoke Machine, $229)

The best options for your break room depend on your business and more important, what your employees want. Make your break room stand out from the rest of the office as a place for the staff to come together, and you’ll enjoy a happier, more productive workplace.