Soft Serve of Summer

Soft Serve of Summer

Summer is around the corner and the temperatures are rising. There are several ways to beat the heat, but our favorite is with light and creamy soft serve! With less milk fat and more air than traditional ice cream, soft serve won't leave you weighed down! Cool off and refresh with some of our favorite soft serve recipes. 

Vanilla Soft ServeBasic Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

As our most popular recipe, we couldn't start a soft serve list without our classic vanilla soft serve. This recipe makes a very simple, creamy vanilla base that doesn't require cooking on a stovetop (like custard-based mixes). Add any flavoring you wish (syrups or fresh fruit purees) to create different flavors, and you'll have a summer-full of experimenting!  


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Soft ServePineapple Upside Down Cake Soft Serve

When we saw that National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day was coming up, Ice Cream Depot team member Carrie knew she had to make a soft serve recipe to celebrate. It's a family tradition — her sister has perfected a Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe of her own. So, in honor of Carrie's sister and this sweet holiday, here's our soft-serve version of this delicious springtime (or summertime!) treat."


Creamsicle Soft Serve

Creamsicle Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

This is another in our series of very fast and easy at-home recipes that don't require any cooking, eggs, or difficulty — just mix, pour, set the machine and serve. It's really pretty hard to screw up, as someone in the office loved every iteration of this one.  Some folks wanted more orange flavor, others wanted sweeter or less sweet. In the end, this recipe is the one that most folks agreed tasted most like the Creamsicles of their childhood memory.  


Key Lime Soft Serve

Key Lime Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

Who doesn't like a slice of key lime pie? Of course, we had to find a way to create a soft-serve recipe that is reminiscent of the delicious dessert. Citrusy and creamy all in one, this tart treat gives you a slice of summer in every lick. And with our handy SX1000, this key lime soft serve ice cream recipe was a breeze to make.



Strawberry Soft Serve

Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

Fresh strawberries make this soft serve recipe amazing. Sure, you can cheat by adding some Nestle strawberry syrup or even sundae topping to your normal vanilla recipe. But if you don't like that saccharin-sweet fake-strawberry flavor, this is the recipe for you!



There you have it! Five easy peasy recipes to kick off your summer with your ICD SX1000! From pool parties to cookouts, you'll have the coolest house on the block. For more recipes and ideas visit us at