Spooky Desserts for Your Halloween Party

Spooky Desserts for Your Halloween Party

You scream. I scream. We all have double the reason to scream for ice cream... during Halloween!

Ready for a little devilish decadence? We most certainly are!  Here’s how we will be dressing up our spooky desserts this October 31.

Share with us YOUR spooky desserts! What are your favorite I-Screams?

(Get it? OK, we know you do… let’s get down to the real business of spooky desserts!)

Bat Ice Cream Sandwiches

bat ice cream sandwiches

Watch all the kids swoop in for a second helping on some of these yummy bat ice cream sandwiches!  

Candy Corn Ice Cream

candy corn ice cream

A sure crowd-pleaser, this bowl of orange sweet goodness is a nifty Halloween Party dessert, not just because it is easy to put together, but because it is insanely good!

Adapt this easily for the Ice Cream Depot SX1000 by using the vanilla soft serve base recipe, and mixing in the candy corn as instructed in the recipe.

Halloween Ice Cream with Smarties and Sprinkles

Continuing the theme of quick-and-easy-yet-so-delicious is this bundle of sprinkle/smartie gunky goo, which will thrill even the most selective of trick or treaters! Just spooky enough for the little ones, and just delicious enough for everyone else. 

Halloween Vampire Floats!

A little blood with your Halloween dessert? We are all about sinking our teeth into these bad boys.

Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms

Your party people will be digging deep into these cups of chocolate yumminess. No concerns about slime here... assuming you don’t use real worms (please don’t use real worms).

Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Ice Cream

We’re thinking that this could also be an excellent Halloween breakfast. You really are covering a lot of health bases, right?! Whether your Halloween party is going for the non-traditional breakfast hour or not, your guests will feel some fall time gratitude when you present them with this goodness in a glass.

Graveyard Pudding

We love this idea for a big ice cream centerpiece! You can give it your own flair by switching up the spooky elements – sends us your pics!

Have a Happy Halloween! With these spooky desserts, it should be smiles (and screams) all round!