3 Reasons to Stop Making Ice Cream in Your Soft Serve Machine

3 Reasons to Stop Making Ice Cream in Your Soft Serve Machine

You just bought a soft serve ice cream machine, and you can’t wait to make ice cream. But have you explored what else your amazing machine can do? Think beyond the name. Depending on the features of your machine, you can make way more than ice cream, especially if you have the Ice Cream Depot SX1000.

We aren’t here to brag, but seriously. You need to try this other stuff.

Frozen Drinks

There is an old proverb that says: Every drink is better cold, but drinks are best frozen. You can make a wide variety of frozen drinks with your ice cream maker. Do you like hot chocolate but think it’s too hot? Make a frozen hot chocolate! (Maybe with vodka.)

Inviting friends over to enjoy drinks by the pool? Use your ice cream machine to make frozen margaritas or alcoholic slushies. The trick to getting the perfect frozen drink every time is to start with chilled or cooled ingredients. Then add the ingredients to the machine. Just trust us.

Frozen Drinks in ice cream machine

Frozen Yogurt

We like to refer to this treat by its much cooler name: fro-yo. Frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream. For those of you who live a healthier lifestyle, feel free to indulge in fro-yo. Don’t forget to add the fresh fruit!

Ditch going to the frozen yogurt shops (not that we have anything against them). Nothing beats a homemade treat. Make your fro-yo exactly the way you like it.

Frozen Yogurt in ice cream machine

Sherbet and Sorbet

Sherbet is a mixture of frozen fruit and milk or cream. Think of it as fruity ice cream. Remember, anything with less than 3% milkfat is considered sherbet, while ice cream is anything higher.  

Sorbet, on the other hand, is a frozen fruity treat with no dairy. Both highlight fruit as the star of the dessert. And both can be made in your ice cream maker. So get started!

Sherbet Sorbet in ice cream machine

What are you making in your soft serve ice cream machine?

Have you made any delicious treats — other than ice cream — with your ice cream maker? As much as we love ice cream, we like to venture out into other frozen treats. So tell us all about it!