The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer

Dog-Friendly Desserts For the Dog Days of Summer

Before you hand over your soft-serve cone, it's important to remember that Man's Best Friend has a different digestive system than our own. Too much dairy can cause digestion problems for some dogs, and certain ingredients are also on the No-No List. Instead of sharing your treat with your pup, treat them to a special dessert made just for them!

    Watermelon Dog Treats

    Watermelon Dog Treats from Gone to the Snow Dogs

    NOTHING says summer like watermelon (seriously, can you think of anything more summer?), and the good news is, dogs love it just as much as humans do.

    Chicken Ice Cream

    Chicken Ice Cream from Kol's Notes

    Spoil your pooch with Chicken Ice Cream: a dairy free frozen dog treat recipe is better than store bought, easy to make & guaranteed to drive your dog wild.

    Peanut Butter Flax Seed Pupsicles

    Pupsicles from grrfeisty

    Yogurt, peanut butter and flax meal make these pupsicles not only delicious and healthy but the addition of flax meal helps with your pup’s skin and coat too!

    Yogurt and Berries Dog Treats

    Yogurt and Berries Dog Treats from Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

    High in calcium, antioxidants and fiber, frozen yogurt and berries are all you need to make a sweet treat for your fur baby!


    Now your pup has a yummy and healthy treat to enjoy while you chow down on yummy soft-serve you made at home! Don't forget to use the code DOGDAYS50 to save $50 on your purchase of an SX1000 soft-serve maker!