The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Ice Cream Lovers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Ice Cream Lovers

Chances are, you know someone who loves ice cream as much as Joe Biden. Well maybe not as much, but pretty darn close.

Instead of giving the expected gift card to a local ice cream shop, think bigger. Think better. Think gourmet, even homemade! Decadent and indulgent!

However you think, make sure you thoughtfully show the ice cream lover in your life you fully support their ice cream addiction. Keep reading to see our recommendations for gifts ice cream lovers will adore.

holiday gift guide for ice cream lovers

And Joe Biden, if you’re truly as big of an ice cream fan as you say you are, we recommend the one and only Ice Cream Depot to you.

Parlor Ice Cream Dishes

glass ice cream dishes

These parlor-style ice cream dishes from Crate & Barrel are perfect for the chic hostess. Use them for ice cream or use them to beautifully display toppings. Is it just us, or do these dishes almost make it taste even better?


His & Hers Ice Cream Spoonsnewlywed gift ice cream spoons

This gift is perfect for ice cream loving newlyweds! You can almost guarantee these spoons weren’t on the registry, but they should have been! Check out these and other handmade stamped ice cream spoons by Beach House Living.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

automatic home soft serve ice cream machine

Give the gift of the world’s first at-home automatic soft serve ice cream machine. Enjoy perfect ice cream every time, in the comfort of your own home. Be the coolest parent in school and throw the best parties. Most importantly, you can make frozen adult beverages. The possibilities are endless!


Waffle Cone Maker

waffle cone maker


No need to worry about buying stale ice cream cones that taste like styrofoam. The perfect waffle cone maker from Williams Sonoma is quick, easy, and fresh every time! Plus, you can try making your own waffle cone recipes. Is your mouth watering yet?


Ice Cream Cone Holder

ice cream cone holder

They’ve got the ice cream maker and the waffle cone maker. What’s left? An elegant ice cream cone holder by Paderno World Cuisine on! Trust us, they will thank you when serving up multiple cones.

Ice Cream Recipe Books

ice cream books

Just because you love ice cream, doesn’t mean ice cream loves you. If you have friends who struggle fitting ice cream in with their dietary needs, try gifting a vegan or paleo ice cream recipe book to those health-conscious ice cream loving friends.


Ice Cream Shoes

ice cream shoes

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then you’re thinking these are absolutely adorable! Imagine hosting a party and wearing these shoes while making savory ice cream for everyone. If you’re not a fan of heels, they also have flats. And don’t forget baby shoes! Gives a whole new meaning when Grandma and Grandpa say ‘you’re so cute I could eat you up!’


DIY Gift in a Jar

gift in a jar

Feeling ambitious? Try this super sweet DIY Gift in a Jar we found on It’s a fun, colorful gift that gives the impression it took days to prepare. Don’t worry, we won’t tell how long it really took. Customize it for Christmas using red and green sprinkles with gold ribbons. For Chanukah, use blue sprinkles and white ribbons. Do they have a favorite sports team? Make a 2-for-1 present by representing their sports team with the color palette you choose. This can be catered to any holiday for any person!


Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

ice cream pool float

It may not be the season for swimming, but it’s the season for giving - and this gift will be a hit! Float down a river or hit up a pool party with a 6 foot ice cream sandwich pool float. It’s a sweet ride!