Weird Ice Cream Toppings that Will Make You Cringe

Weird Ice Cream Toppings that Will Make You Cringe

What are your go-to ice cream toppings? We’re guessing that it might be some mixture of chocolate, maybe some fruit, or some candy. Sounds delicious.

Weird Ice Cream Toppings that Will Make You Cringe

You won’t find anything like that on this list.

While some of you go for more ‘vanilla’ toppings, others go for stranger toppings on their ice cream. We’ve found the weirdest ice cream toppings from all over the world and listed them for you below. Keep in mind – some people actually like this stuff. Will you try any?

Dried Fish

dried fish ice cream flavor

Do you want dozens of little eyes staring back at you while you enjoy your ice cream? Dried fish is for you! This, along with seafood ice cream, is popular in Japan. The dried fish adds a crunchy and salty flavor which can be yummy on ice cream, but it seems like there would be better ways to achieve those flavors that don’t involve fish scales and tails. (Amazon, $7.95)

Hot sauce

hot sauce flavored ice cream

Hot sauce by itself is yummy, but combine it with your chocolate soft serve ice cream and things change. Still, people seem to enjoy hot sauce on their ice cream. If you’re in need of adding a little spice in your life, sprinkle on some hot sauce and maybe add our next weird topping, too. (Amazon, $5.97)


oyster flavored ice cream

Looking for a chewy texture? Why not add some oysters. In fact, Dolley Madison, wife to James Madison, actually preferred to eat oyster ice cream! Perhaps she didn’t know what she was missing? (Amazon, 2 pack for $9.24)

Chocolate Covered Insects

chocolate covered insect flavored ice cream

I’m not sure that covering insects with chocolate qualifies them as delicious, but some people seem to love it. Even if the chocolate overpowered the insect taste, I’m not sure many people could get over that fact that they are eating bugs. Feeling adventurous? Try the Chocolate Covered Superworms, pictured above. (Don Bugito, $6.50)


lox or salmon flavored ice cream

Apparently, people really love to put fish on their ice cream. Lox is another weird ice cream topping, and you can even get lox flavored ice cream if you want to dive right in. This seems to be another instance of adding a yummy salty flavor to your ice cream, but we recommend these toppings instead. (Amazon, $5.75)

Have you tried any of these ice creams? Or maybe something even stranger? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!