World's First At-Home Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

About Us

Inventor and dad Dick Pahl developed Ice Cream Depot as a gift to his children. “My goal was to make a machine that could have dessert ready while my family finished eating dinner,” he says. The result was the world’s first at-home soft serve ice cream machine.

After collaborating with his kids and his wife, he created a machine that not only produces soft serve ice cream in less than 15 minutes, but also churns out milkshakes, slushies, protein shakes, and frozen adult beverages.

Six patents and years of research and development later, Dick and his business partner Greg Walsh are proud to share the most revolutionary kitchen appliance since the breadmaker.

Quality Family Time

Dick and Greg value the importance of family time, and created Ice Cream Depot to take the strain off cooking. The ease of the machine gives parents more time to savor quality time with their kids.

Healthy Living

With Ice Cream Depot, it’s easier than ever to make custom soft serve ice cream that adheres to your family’s nutritional goals, allergy restrictions, and dietary needs. Customize bases for quick homemade soft serve ice cream everyone in the family can enjoy.

Happy Gatherings

Birthday parties, office gatherings, anniversaries, ice cream socials. These are the times we make memories. Ice Cream Depot serves as a centerpiece for conversation, laughter, and delicious moments everyone in your group will remember.

Ease and Convenience

No one wants another gadget they only use twice a year. Ice Cream Depot is easy to clean and takes up less space than a commercial soft serve machine without compromising quality or texture. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your family.