FAQ | World's First At-Home Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker


The Machine

What do the numbers mean on the display?

The numbers indicate the amount of time to process a batch. When the display shows two sets of three lines (≡ ≡), that indicates the machine is in CLEAN MODE. One set of three horizontal lines indicates that the machine is WASH MODE.

Can I use the machine outside?

We recommend that you do not use the SX1000 outside. Being exposed to the elements can damage the machine. Also, the ambient temperature will affect the processing time. Using the machine outside will void the warranty.

Can I make a chocolate/vanilla swirl?

No, sorry. The SX1000 is a single batch soft serve machine; you can only make 1 flavor at a time.

How is the SX1000 different than other home ice cream machines (like the Cuisinart Soft Serve machine)?

All other home ice cream machines contain a coolant (usually hidden in the walls of a bowl) that can go a bit below freezing, but not much. This coolant also takes a full 12 to 24 hours to freeze to that temperature. After you use the bowl to make a batch of ice cream, it has to be eaten immediately. And if you want to make a 2nd batch, forget about it! You have to refreeze the bowl for another 12 to 24 hours.

These home soft serve machines are essentially toys that make cold whipped stuff. It isn’t bad, but it's not actually soft serve. To get “real” soft serve, you need to get the ice cream down to about 19° F and do it in about a minute.

The SX1000 freezes internally, so you can quickly make a batch (or half batch) of soft serve ice cream. You can make batch after batch, as the system freezes internally versus freezing the bowls in your own refrigerator. It's the first of its kind for home use, and we think it's pretty great.

Can I use the SX1000 in any other countries?

Right now, the SX1000 is designed to work with American electricity standards; that is, 110 volts and 60 hertz. Most North and Central American (including Caribbean) countries use these standards as well, but European, African and Asian countries differ. Converters will only convert the volts; not the hertz; so at this time, the machine will only work with countries that use American standards (we're sorry!).

Can I use the SX1000 in a commercial environment?

No. Commercial use voids and nullifies the warranty.

Making Frozen Desserts

How long will it take to make a full batch of soft serve?

It depends on the recipe, ambient temperature, the temperature of the ingredients, personal preference, etc. Our recipes always include a recommended time setting for the SX1000, however, you may find your machine may take a little bit longer or a little bit shorter to produce a perfect batch. Generally it takes 15 minutes to make a batch of soft serve.

How many cones of soft serve will a full batch make?

The SX1000 can produce 1.25 quarts - that is approximately 5 cups. A typical serving size of ice cream is a ½ cup, so a full batch would produce 10 servings. To determine how many cones you can make depends on cone size and serving preference. Obviously, you can produce more cones using mini cones as opposed to larger cones. But limiting each cone serving to ½ cup can be challenging. How many cones you make is entirely up to you!

How much total liquid mix should be added to the SX1000?

Do not add any more than 3 ½ total cups of liquid to the SX1000 at any time. The machine's churning will cause the liquid to expand to 1 ¼ quarts so any more liquid will be detrimental to the operation of the machine.

Can I make a smaller batch?

Absolutely! If you’d like to half our recipes, be sure to adjust your processing time too. A typical recipe that takes 15 minutes may only take 8 when doing a half batch.

Can I add candy or nuts to my soft serve?

Yeah you can! We recommend that you save the topping until after you dispense the soft serve. We wouldn’t want any hard candy or nuts scraping up the freezing cylinder or getting stuck in the dispenser.

What other types of desserts can I make with the SX1000?

You can make slushies, milkshakes, sorbets, whipped custard, frozen yogurts, frozen drinks, frozen cocktails, protein shakes, and more!

How long will it take to make a slush?

Typically a slush will take 8 to 12 minutes.

I want to add alcohol to my frozen drink, when should I add it to the mix?

Alcohol may be added to almost any recipe. However, keep in mind that alcohol does not freeze and a recipe may require additional time to create the right consistency. We recommend adding alcohol after the main ingredients have had a chance to freeze.

Can I make my own soft serve mix, or use other soft serve mixes I find online?

Absolutely YES! Visit our Recipes blog and follow us on Facebook to see tried-and-true recipes we fully endorse for your soft serve machine! You can also use other brands of Soft Serve Ice Cream mix in the SX1000. Just be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions and only pour in 3 ½ cups of the mixture into the machine. Adding any more than 3 ½ cups of a mix into the machine could cause damage to internal components.

Can I use ice cream recipes I find online in the SX1000?

Not really. Soft serve is a different animal than hard scoop ice cream. It's much lower in fat, which keeps it from turning to butter when churned vigorously. Soft serve ice cream is about 8-11% butterfat; super-premium ice cream has anywhere from 16-29% butterfat.

If there is too much butterfat in your soft serve mix, the machine's centrifuge action causes the butterfat to ball up and spin away from the molecules binding it. We call this “buttering out.” When you eat ice cream that has “buttered out,” you taste little pearls of legit butter. So you want to keep the soft serve mix at a butterfat level underneath the threshold of “buttering out” caused by the centrifugal force of the spinning blade.

The next major difference between soft serve and ice cream is the amount of overrun in the two products. Overrun is the technical name for the amount of air that is whipped into the mix. Most ice cream is at 20% overrun—the volume of the liquid is increased by 20%. Soft serve is around 40%, maybe higher.

Can I make the soft serve harder?

No. If the soft serve is made harder, it will not dispense and could damage the machine.

Can I refreeze any leftover ice cream that has melted inside my SX1000?

No. If any ice cream was left inside of the SX1000 and the refrigeration was left off, the ice cream will begin to melt. Once the melted ice cream reaches a certain temperature, bacteria growth increases exponentially and could result in food poisoning. It's better to be safe than sorry. Just dump out any melted ice cream and clean your machine.

Be sure to use the KEEP FRESH mode if you want to make some ice cream before you and your family are ready to eat it. KEEP FRESH mode keeps the barrel at a lower temperature to restrict bacteria growth. When you are ready to dispense some more ice cream, press and hold the START button to re-freeze the mixture.

Cleaning the Machine

Do I have to wash the machine between batches?

If you plan on making additional batches of the same recipe immediately after the first batch, you can simply add additional mixture to the machine. If you plan on changing flavors of ice cream, you may want to flush the machine first before adding a new batch to prevent flavor mixing. If you plan on making a completely different frozen dessert, run the SX1000 through the WASH mode.

ALWAYS clean your machine and let it dry out completely before reassembling and storing.

How do I clean my machine?

Follow these instructions to properly clean your SX1000. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaners or hard implements. Additionally, recipes calling for heavy cream or whipping cream may require two or more cleaning cycles due to the thick, dense consistency produced by these recipes.

What type of cleaner should I use in the machine?

Warm, soapy water will do well to clean your machine. You may use a sanitizing product with your machine too.

Can I wash my machine or any of the parts in the dishwasher?

All removable parts are dishwasher safe (please use the top rack). However, it is recommended that you handwash the removable parts.


What happens if the SX1000 has been tipped on its side when being moved?

The SX1000 will have to be placed upright for 24 hours before using the machine.

My cover plate does not look flush, is that ok?

As long as you have properly assembled your SX1000, verified that the round gasket is in the dispenser cover and rotated into the lock position, you are all set. The gasket forms the seal and prevents any mixture from leaking.

When I operate the machine, why do my lights flicker?

We recommend that the SX1000 be plugged into a dedicated circuit. When the SX1000 refrigeration motor starts up, it has a large draw on the system. Please verify that no other appliances share the same line.

Additionally, this unit MUST be grounded. This unit is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded. DO NOT use this machine in countries that do not support 120V AC even if a voltage adapter, transformer, or converter is in use.

My machine is loud - is that normal?

Yep. The SX1000 contains a very powerful motor and refrigeration system to quickly freeze your frozen desserts. This is why you don't have to freeze the bowl ahead of time, unlike other at-home soft-serve makers.

When operating, the machine produces approximately 73 dB of sound. This is quieter than a garbage disposal or average dishwasher.

Some mix spilled out into the top of the machine and went down that little hole - is that OK?

No use crying over spilled soft serve. Try to avoid overflowing the SX1000. Should this occur, the overflow drain will help to prevent any mixture from damaging the internal components of the machine. The mixture will come out below the machine.

Why is ice cream leaking from the front cover when processing a batch?

Most likely, you have forgotten to place the round gasket into the dispenser cover. Let the batch finish processing and wipe up any leaks as they come. As the mixture solidifies, the leaking will subside.

Why won’t my soft serve dispense?

You may have let it run for too long and the soft serve has frozen completely inside of the machine. Carefully remove the front cover and use a plastic spatula to remove the frozen ice cream until you are able to take out the auger. Remove the rest of the ice cream and store in the freezer for later use.

My soft serve ice cream is not very hard/is soupy, why?

If you find that your soft serve is too soft after processing, press and hold the START/STOP button for 2 seconds. This will run the freezing mode for 2 more minutes. You can continue to add 2 minutes until the desired consistency is met.

Also consider adding a stabilizer to your recipes, such as eggs or xanthan gum. This will help the soft serve keep its shape when dispensed.

Still having issues? Just contact us at orders@icecreamdepot.com and we will assist.

Why does my soft serve melt so quickly?

The rate at which your frozen treat melts has many contributing factors in addition to freeze time, like overrun, fat content, and use of a stabilizer. The more overrun (or air) the more quickly the soft serve will melt. However, higher levels of fat will slow melting. Lastly, you can add a stabilizer (most store-bought brands will have a stabilizer) like eggs, cornstarch, locust bean gum and xanthan gum to name a few.

I’ve lost a part, can I order a replacement?

Yes! Just email us at orders@icecreamdepot.com and let us know what you need.

When we opened up the machine, ice cream was frozen along the sides of the canister, but not in the middle - what’s happening?

If the mixture is freezing at the sides but not the center of the chamber this is because the auger is not turning the product properly to evenly freeze all contents. The auger comes in two pieces: the auger blade and the inner pole. Verify that the inner pole is secure and has not come loose. Also, make sure that the small rubber V-seal is present on the end of the auger that meets the back of the machine. A simple cleaning and readjustment will solve this problem!

If you are still having issues, please contact us at orders@icecreamdepot.com

The display says OL. What does that mean?

OL means the motor has overloaded. If you leave a bit of ice cream in the machine in KEEP FRESH mode and pour in the new mix to prepare a second batch, the machine will not process the batch since the barrel is already cold. The machine will not process the second batch and will display OL. This prevents the motor from burning out. To correct this issue, press the STOP button to turn off the refrigeration. You may need to power down the machine and wait for 5 minutes to let the core warm up. The unit will automatically reset from this protection mode and run normally. Prepare the second batch, pour in and re-start process by selecting the timer. If this does not correct the issue, contact Customer Support at orders@icecreamdepot.com.

When I set my machine to 16 and hit the START button, why did the number on the display change to 20?

If the Freezing Cylinder is warmer or colder than average, the Control Panel will automatically increase or decrease the time needed to make the dessert.

If you dispense a bit of ice cream and do not plan to consume the rest for some time, we suggest you dispense the remaining dessert into a container and save in the freezer until it is ready to be used. Otherwise, the remaining ice cream can freeze and harden and cause damage to the machine.

If the dispense head loosens, what should I do?

The SX1000 will shut itself down. Turn off the on/off switch and remove the dispense head. Remove the auger, clean and replace the auger and dispense head. Turn on the machine and start the wash cycle.

Can I remove the cover of the SX1000 to check refrigeration?

No. There are no serviceable parts inside the SX1000 and removing the cover, nullifies the warranty.

Warranty Information

What is your return policy? What does the warranty include?

You can review our returns and warranty terms here: https://icecreamdepot.com/pages/returns-and-warranty

How do I obtain warranty service?

Contact us at orders@icecreamdepot.com for assistance.

What if my machine is out of warranty?

If your machine is out of warranty and you require repairs, please contact us at orders@icecreamdepot.com